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Reimagine your coding experience with Winglang, the latest advancement in open-source programming languages explicitly constructed for cloud utilization. Experience unprecedented integration as Winglang enables developers to build distributed systems where cloud services are an inherent part of the architecture. Combine your application and infrastructure codes into a consolidated and secure programming model – no Internet? No problem. Enjoy the flexibility of executing Wing programs domestically using a highly functional simulator, or expand your reach by deploying to any cloud provider of your choosing.

Winglang’s guiding principle? To reignite your creative fervor and bridge the gap between ideation and execution.

Today’s cloud development landscape necessitates the mastery of the cloud stack’s various layers, intricate IAM roles, networking, and an array of tools, not to mention the creativity required for code debugging and testing. Moreover, the extended deployment times stifle iterative cycles, disrupting a developer’s rhythm.

Winglang is your solution. It elevates you to work at an enhanced abstraction level, emphasizing business logic rather than cloud mechanics, revealing only the critical low-level details when absolutely necessary. Furthermore, it provides a toolkit that enables local code testing at a significantly accelerated pace—crafted by Elad Ben-Israel, the creator behind the AWS CDK, the dedicated Wing Cloud team, and a thriving community of contributors known as ‘Wingnuts’.

Why would the cloud require a programming language?

Cloud applications fundamentally differ from applications operating on a single device – they exist as distributed systems that bank on cloud infrastructure for goal attainment. Hence, to safely and cohesively express both infrastructure and application logic, Winglang offers two execution phases: ‘preflight’ for infrastructure definition and ‘inflight’ for runtime code. Equipped with a myriad of features designed to make cloud application building a breeze, Winglang is a match made in heaven for cloud development, from offering Cloud services as first-class citizens, a standard set of resources via the Wing Cloud Library, to custom platforms that maintain your control by enabling the customization of infrastructure definitions and run policy checks.

If you’re ready for a deep dive into the limitless capabilities of Winglang, take the first step. Install the Wing CLI, get the Wing IDE extension for your editor of choice, and launch the Wing Console. For a step-by-step guide, head over to their Github repository.

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