Imagine a situation where you can seamlessly interact with multiple advanced AI models without ever leaving your workflow. Introducing Invisibility, the revolutionary tool for Mac users that integrates cutting-edge AI capabilities directly into your daily tasks. With a simple keyboard shortcut (option + space), users can summon powerful AI assistants like GPT-4, Claude 3 Opus, Gemini, and Llama 3 right onto your screen.

Whether writing reports, analyzing data, coding, or conducting research, Invisibility ensures that your productivity stays on course.  With computer vision, this tool allows you to ask questions about whatever you are working on without interrupting your workflow. You can use it anytime, no matter what app you are using.

Important Features: 

  • Screen Capture Feature: The screen capture tool allows you to open a chat with anything on your screen without needing to copy and paste.
  • Markdown and Code Support: Show and format code directly within the chat area making your code clearer for reading and understanding.
  • Pricing: Freemium model with advanced features available for premium users.

Currently, Invisibility is only available to make users with macOS 14.0 and higher. If you fall into that category, visit their website and download the tool.

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