In the global fight against poverty, there exists a wealth of innovative products and services designed to uplift marginalized communities. However, a glaring issue persists – many of these poverty-alleviating solutions fail to reach the people who need them most. This is where D-Prize steps in, igniting change by nurturing ventures that aim to distribute proven poverty interventions on a massive scale.

The Distribution Gap Dilemma

Despite the world’s remarkable progress, millions still lack access to essential tools that could help them break free from the shackles of poverty. The challenge lies in the effective distribution of these life-changing interventions. D-Prize recognizes this gap and challenges entrepreneurs and change-makers to design new organizations capable of delivering these proven poverty-fighting tools where they are needed most.

A Call for Impactful Solutions

D-Prize invites individuals and teams from around the globe, regardless of age or background, to participate in its mission. If you can envision a new business or NGO that can distribute a proven poverty intervention at scale, this competition is your platform. The goal is clear: develop an organization that addresses one of the specific Distribution Challenges laid out by D-Prize.

Prize for Impact

The potential for impact is immense. The most promising teams stand a chance to receive up to $20,000 USD in seed funding to launch their groundbreaking organizations in regions struggling with extreme poverty. This financial support is the catalyst for turning ideas into actions, enabling innovators to make a real difference in the lives of those they serve.

D-Prize Challenges

D-Prize offers challenges in various critical areas, including:

– Health

– Water

– Agriculture

– Livelihoods

– Energy

– Public Services

– Custom (for innovative solutions beyond the listed categories)

The application process

Download an Application Packet from their website: ( and select the challenge that aligns with your vision. Be mindful of the deadlines:

– Global Competition Launch: September 4, 2023

– Early Submission Deadline: October 16, 2023, at midnight PT (Pacific Time)

– Regular Submission Deadline: November 5, 2023, at midnight PT (Pacific Time)

– Extension Deadline (with registration): November 26, 2023, at midnight PT (Pacific Time)

Turning Ideas into Action

D-Prize evaluates applications through a rigorous process:

Round 1: Submit your concept note and resume(s). With over 2000 submissions per competition, this is your first step towards making an impact.

Round 2: The top 5% of entrepreneurs will be invited to answer short written questions, offering a more detailed look at their proposed ventures.

Final Round: Top entrepreneurs will engage in phone and email interviews. The top 1% will receive the crucial funding of up to $20,000 to kickstart their initiatives.

Changing Lives, One Venture at a Time

For the next three months, successful applicants will channel their skills and passion into launching ventures with the potential to uplift millions from poverty. It’s a journey that combines innovation, entrepreneurship, and social impact.

Eligibility and Inclusivity

D-Prize is open to aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide, regardless of age or background. Many awardees have not yet launched or secured any funding, emphasizing inclusivity in the selection process.

For existing organizations seeking support from D-Prize, certain criteria apply. You should be distributing an existing intervention, and your need for high-risk capital should exceed the support provided by current donors or revenue. Organizations applying should have been operational for less than 18 months and raised less than $30,000 in outside funding.

While applications are currently accepted in English only, D-Prize values ideas over perfect grammar. If your vision aligns with their mission, linguistic imperfections will not hinder your chance to make a difference.

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